Between my New York Times Sketch Guy column and my weekly email newsletter, there was a huge pile of articles. I picked some of my favorites for you below.

How to Break Bad Money Habits

I sat down with Susan Johnston Taylor at US News for a Q&A. I shared tips for avoiding common financial blunders and setting money goals.

Diversification Is the Sane Alternative to Betting Big on One Investment

With no proven model for picking the next winner, can you really afford to bet big on any one investment? Perhaps the better choice really is to stay diversified. A diversified portfolio all but guarantees you’ll be unhappy with at least one investment each year.

The Value of an Advisor

The work that real financial advisors do is different than the work the traditional financial services industry has done. Instead of learning how to justify the fee you charge a client, get so good at your craft that your value isn’t a question. 

The Single Most Valuable Asset is Trust

In this three-part audio series, I want to introduce a relatively narrow and simple, but insanely powerful, concept. Trust is the single most valuable asset that any real financial advisor has.