Between my New York Times Sketch Guy column and my Weekly Letter, there was a huge pile of articles. I picked some of my favorites for you below.

Ask Yourself This: What Burdens Is That Other Person Carrying?

What burdens are all the people on this plane carrying? And how would I treat them differently if I knew?

The Cost of Holding On

There is an actual cost to holding onto things we should let go of. It can come in the form of anger, frustration, resentment, or something even worse. The question is, can you really afford to keep paying the bill?

What Do We Really Need?

What do we really need? Are we buying things thoughtfully or carelessly? I believe our willingness to look at our buying behavior can have a huge impact on whether we reach the goals that we say matter most to us.

How Do You Define Enough?

I wonder if we’re asking the right questions about how much money we need to be happy. Once our basic needs are met, then what?

What Did You Really Hear?

How do we know that what we think is what we really think, and not just what someone else wants us to think? It turns out that it doesn’t take much to make us think something we didn’t previously. Our minds are biased to work against us. It’s often referred to as “confirmation bias.”