Between my New York Times Sketch Guy column and my Weekly Letter, there was a huge pile of articles. I picked some of my favorites for you below.

The Solution to Maintaining a Budget Is Awareness

What I’ve discovered over the years is that most of our problems do not come down to income. Instead, we don’t notice enough. I want you to try a little experiment I’ve created. It’s called “30 Days and Three Seconds.” 

The Financial Benefits of Buying What You Love

I am asking you to consider the possibility that buying stuff you love, regardless of price, may be the best decision you can make.

Under the Influence of Money

By talking about how money makes us think, we stop giving power to the assumptions that drive our behavior because we learn to understand the inconsistencies.

Outperform 99% of Your Neighbors

When I realized that investment success is not about skill — it is about behavior — it turned out my job was not to find great investments, but to help create great investors.